Noel HeatonWhen Noel Heaton chose art as his major, his concerns for visual composition and art history paralleled his interest in how to apply his skills in the working world.  Becoming an art/craftsmen seemed an efficient way to strengthen ones understanding of color while expanding ones periphery of pictorial composition and design, i.e. studio painting and interior design seemed a good blend.

After about a year of carpentry, wood finishing and paint work, in came the opportunity of a lifetime; an apprenticeship with one of America’s leading decorative painters, Robert Jackson of New York.  Along with practicing his techniques, Noel also worked for Hoppe Brothers Painting to refine the practical side of completing large-scale interior wall projects.  By 1987, N.H. Arts was launched, as Noel’s desire was to become an established journeyman/artist.  Painting interiors increased the width of his decorative repertoire while studio painting was fit between jobs to maintain skills of critical observation.

Learning to be creative, flexible and versatile, while staying focussed on achieving the client’s vision, is key for success.  Noel’s satisfaction comes form working in cooperation with his clients giving him the freedom to exercise his creative ability, while allowing the clients to see their idea of an enjoyable living environment come to completion.

Influential artists include Clement Heaton, Robert Jackson, Claude Monet, Pierre Bonnard and William Morris.